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Lawn Care Business Start Up Kit with CD's ($47.00)
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“Using your two favorite marketing methods I landed 17 new lawn care customers in three weeks.”

It’s so easy to waste money on advertising. The problem is, I really didn’t have the money to waste…I had no idea if I should try the yellow pages, radio ads, signs you can nail on telephone poles, flyers or a few other things. By the time I do all of this I’ve wasted a few weeks and TONS of money.

When you told me the two things you do that worked for you to get more customers, I figured what the heck, it was worth a try. It was without a doubt the best money I’ve ever spent.

Jason Wallace
Memphis, TN

“…using the proposals you provide has really set me apart from the competition.”

It’s amazing how many people just tell a customer how much they will cut their lawn for. I found by using the proposal you provided me I seem more professional to prospective clients.

One lady told me my price was the same as someone else she got a quote from. The reason she chose me was I provided a quote in writing telling her exactly what I would be doing for her.

David Long
Orlando, FL